Gifted Cover

Our vision is to be an exemplary gifted program, to advocate for and meet the needs of each student in the North Dade Gifted Program, and to be an inspiration to all gifted educators.


  • To increase public awareness of the academically gifted program including student characteristics and needs, appropriate programs, and applicable rules and procedures.
  • To identify all students in need of services.
  • To implement staff development and support to provide quality educational planning for gifted students.
  • To meet the diverse needs of gifted students through a continuum of service delivery models.
  • To ensure parent involvement in educational program decisions related to the continuum of service delivery models.
  • To provide continuous assessment through Education Plans to ensure that the needs of individual students are being met.


Van Tassel-Baska, 1987


North Dade Middle School Philosophy

North Dade Middle School is dedicated to providing students with programming that will promote their unique cognitive, social, and emotional potential. Students with gifted abilities exist in all ethnic, geographic, and socioeconomic groups. Continuous search and nomination will ensure that all students participate in an appropriate learning environment. Cooperation and collaboration among parents, schools, and communities will ensure a continuum of service delivery models to maximize the potential of our gifted population. Continuous staff development and program evaluation will ensure quality programming. Students exiting our program will be prepared as independent, lifelong learners and leaders in our ever-changing society.

ICM Features


Highlights of the Gifted Program:

• Project-based
• Problem-based
• Compacting (Diagnostic/Prescriptive)
• Creative or Critical Thinking Skills
• Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary learning
• Socratic Questioning
• Cross-curricular
• Technology based
• Enrichment and Acceleration
• Extracurricular services